Quality management system

Personnel training: Work authorization system

  • Most of the production of wire harness is produced by hand; we bring up the person with superior skills by instructing working process using the work standard statement.

Facilities: reliability improvement

  • We are working toward the conduct improvement of reliability monitoring of important terminal crimping state by the latest M / C.

Method: working efficiency, quality ensure

  • We instruct the wiring point and important point to understand by CAD production on assembly board and a rotary inspection board.
  • We develop the exclusive jig and ensure demand quality

Materials: Nonuse of environmental load material component materials

  • We are doing the parts procurement that can produce with confidence the content material corresponds to the purchase of material in accordance with the laws and regulations and the customer specified.
  • Most of the parts about the wire harness are available for purchase by self-procurement. (please refer to homepage of YAZAKI Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Wiring System Co., Ltd., Tyco Electronics Japan G.K etc.,

Quality assurance: Circuit inspection, appearance inspection

  • By the circuit inspection of the each tip of the bundled wires and using the complete sample, we ensure 100% of the quality of the product.
  • Our appearance inspection is collating all products by a complete sample and removes a defect product.
  • We manage the production history by the system and traceability is possible when malfunction occurs by any chance.

Duties management: Production control system

  • We build the original system which we matched with customer. (Orders, ordering, planning, inventory, sales, etc.)
  • We also performed correspondence of Web-EDI, and we are shortening delivery date by capture of an order and unofficial information in the CSV data.
  •  Our production schedule by the L / T setting for each product can match to timely delivery date.