Discription of company ADVANCE

(Co.)ADVANCE is a Japanese corporation which specializes in making wire harness whith a range from automobile to consumer electronics.
We endeavour to offer the customers the best on estimating,manufacture and also selling.

Company policy

  • We acquire the trust by the quality, delivery and price
  • we will meet the demands of the market with emphasis on rapid delivery period.
  • We aim to group to challenge the goal by being taking advantage of the personality and ability of persons.
  • We contribute to the livable global environment and prosperous society.

Environmental policy

  • We obey the environment-related law, regulations, agreement to be related to us and the requirements which we agreed.
  • We review the environmental purpose and goal regularly and we go on with the prevention of continuous improvement of the environmental management system and the pollution.
  • We go on with production activity by minimum materials and energy and reduce waste and try for reduction of the environmental load.
  • We go on with improvement of the consciousness for the understanding of the environmental policy and improvement for all employees and company concerned.